3M Mobile-Optimized Product Selector for Walmart

3M Filtrete filters at Walmart

A mobile-optimized product selector

We’re happy to share that our first two 3M product selectors are now live.

The key to this project? A proven and repeatable process

As the old saying goes, “practice makes perfect.” We have been able to create a repeatable process — a template of sorts — that has been successful in delivering all requirements on time and on budget. Two mobile-friendly retail product selectors have already launched, and we have more that are in progress (stay tuned!).

A product at the intersection of digital and physical

One of the most important stories in technology today is the convergence of digital and physical experiences — sometimes referred to as omni-channel experiences. Retail giants like Amazon/Whole Foods and Walmart are using digital and mobile technology to augment the physical shopping experience, from how products are purchased to how they are delivered, and even how they are manufactured.

What do you think?

While it’s designed for in-store use, 3M’s mobile product selectors can be used anywhere. Try them ( Filtrete HVAC filters, Filtrete Room air purifiers) today and let us know what you think! And contact us if you’d like to create a product selector for your own products — your customers will thank you.

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