App APIs — 10 Key Things Developers Must Know

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App APIs or app islands?

1. Don’t reinvent the (RESTful API) architecture

2. Choose explanatory API URL endpoints

GET → /beers
POST → /beers
GET → /beers/{beerId}
PUT → /beers/{beerId}
PATCH → /beers/{beerId}
DELETE → /beers/{beerId}
GET → /beers/{beerId}/brand
GET → /users/{userId}
GET → /users/{userId}/favoriteBeers

3. Version your app APIs

GET → /v1/beers
GET → /v2/beers

4. Assign heavy lifting to server

5. Prioritize performance and scalability

6. Use standard security protocols and user authentication

7. Use three back-end environments

8. Let the data determine the database

9. API responses should be clear

10. API responses should be efficient

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