Why We Are Becoming a DApp Development Company — and What Blockchain Means for Mobile

An Interview With ArcTouch CEO Eric N. Shapiro

ArcTouch CEO, BlockFirst Founder

How will blockchain affect mobile?

“There’s no better way to understand blockchain than starting with a proof of concept.”

People still have a hard time understanding blockchain — how do you explain it to people?

There are many possible use cases of blockchain for business. Which do you think are most interesting?

Why do you think ArcTouch is well-positioned to be a DApp development company and help businesses with blockchain strategy?

Can you explain how a decentralized app is different than a typical app?

Why does the decentralized aspect of blockchain matter?

Is data on a blockchain totally secure?

What’s the best way for businesses to get started with blockchain?

Why do you call it BlockFirst?

It’s obvious you’re excited about blockchain for business. But what excites you most about it as a technologist?

Wondering how blockchain can help your business?

We help companies forge meaningful connections with their customers and employees through lovable apps and digital products. Learn more at arctouch.com.

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